Friday, 17 May 2013

Lets Do Business

About the Show:
 2013 Brighton Show
10am-4pm, Thursday 16th May
at Brighton Racecourse
With 120+ exhibition stands and over 1000 business owners and key decision-makers under one roof, it's the perfect place to showcase your company, source top quality products & services and network with like-minded business leaders from across Sussex and beyond.

The 2012 exhibition attracted 1003 attendees from Brighton & Hove, East & West Sussex and Surrey. 
With 120+ exhibition stands and over 1000 business owners and key decision-makers under one roof, it's the perfect place to showcase your company, source top quality products & services and network with like-minded business leaders from across Sussex and beyond.

Yesterday GES Water went to Let's do business in Brighton and took GES Technology with them, we went armed with business cards, posters, flyers and some of our team. We sent 2 young ladies down to attend the Social Media Seminars:

11am: How to use LinkedIn as a Business Development Tool
Julia Chanteray, The Joy of Business
A look at how to use LinkedIn to build your online presence, engage with people you might not otherwise meet, and build your sales pipeline. This seminar will make you look at LinkedIn in a completely different way, so that it becomes an integral part of your sales process, and a fantastic money making tool

12pm: Facebook for Business
Kate Bacon, Communications Genius
Many people think Facebook is just about having fun tagging friends in photos, but there is so much more to this social media platform! In this introduction to Facebook for Business, Kate will show you how to build your brand by effectively engaging your audience, winning their trust and creating raving fans.

1pm: Social Media Marketing Strategy
Adrian Swinscoe, Rare Business
The 4 C's that'll help you develop and implement a social media strategy that works. You know that you should have a social media strategy. You may already have one in place but are not generating results. In this session, Adrian will provide some tips for creating a social media strategy that works and his 4 C framework to help you design your own.

2pm: Google Plus - The Next Big Thing in Social
Ben Kelly, Alphawave Media
It's becoming the new star of social media and now has more active users than Twitter! Yet amazingly few people really know what it is or how it works”

3pm: Social Media on the Move
Matthew Jackson, Solutions-Inc
Mobile devices have enabled us to keep in touch with the world. See some of the more interesting ways to keep in touch with clients while in or out of the office.
We also had 2 of our sales team to answer any question and wonder around to gather as much information and network as much as possible.

Candice and Sammi are our newest member to the Sales Consultant team, they are eager to learn and rearing to get stuck in with any business needed. They love to get to know clients are working extremely hard.

 Everyone had a great day and really enjoyed the show, we managed to meet some interesting people and gather some great information which will hopefully help us to help you.

If you would like any information Call us on 01844 299 499

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Free GES Water Seminar! Will you be there?

We are taking part in this FREE Seminar Held By GES Water, Will you be there?

Free GES-Water Legionella Seminar.
GES Water Blog

Date: Wednesday 1st May 2013

Location: The Source Skills Academy, 300 Meadowhall Way, Sheffield, S9 1EA

There will be a Buffet available at lunch time and Drinks available through out the Seminar. 

The days schedule

9.30    Registration / Welcome serving of tea, coffee, biscuits, orange juice and water.

10.00  Welcome / Introduction to GES-Water, our history and what makes us stand out. 

10.30  Guest speaker David Harper will talk about Legionella and the HSE; what has been    happening in the industry, what the HSE's focal points have been.

12.00  Break out session: Group session tasked at looking at ACoP L8 with a discussion on findings.

12:30  Buffet Lunch

13:30  Legionella certificated awareness course 

            (individuals certificates to be sent via email after the seminar)

14.30  Break out session: Allocation of responsibilities / Legionella control audit 

15:15  Tea & Coffee
15.30  Utilising Technology to demonstrate control of your water systems. Product demonstrations and case studies.

16.00   Q & A session

16.30   Summarise / Close.

About David Harper.

David Harper is now one of the leading experts in the field of Legionella, water borne contamination prevention and emergency response.
Also known as the “The Red Adair of the Bug Busters”.
David Harper Associates are here to help organisations with:
Investigation into outbreaks of water borne diseases.
Identification works required to achieve Acop L8 compliance including engineering recommendations.
On site risk assessment with full written reports.
Training: Lectures, Seminars, Workshops and keynote speaker.

What is Leigonella?

Legionella is a pathogenic Gram negative bacterium. It is the causative agent of legionellosis including Legionnaires' disease which is a potentiall fatal form of pneumonia which can affect anybody, but which principally affects those who are susceptible because of age, illness, immunosuppression, smoking etc. Legionella bacteria can also cause less serious illness which are not fatal or permanently debilitating.  

 Legionella is common with at least 50 species and 70 serogroups identified and are often encountered in environmental sources which may eventually colonise manufactured water systems and be found in cooling tower systems, hot and cold water systems and other plant which use or store water. 

Innovative Technology

If you are interested in looking at GES Technology who will also be at our seminar please go to or

How To Find Us 


Leave at Junction 34 and approach traffic island in the right hand lane.
 Take the 4th exit off the island (heading under the M1) and follow signs for Sheffield City Centre (A6109).
You will filter left after the 2nd set of traffic lights (signposted Meadowhall) -
this is the ring road around Meadowhall and runs parallel to the viaduct (on your left).
You will see The Source building on your left,
 turn right at the 3rd set of lights
follow the signs to the Blue Car Park, (turning right over the dual carriageway).
There is a pedestrian crossing leading directly across the road to The Source.


Leave at Junction 34, taking the left hand lane. 
Take the 2nd exit and follow signs to
Sheffield City Centre (A6178).
 At the first roundabout, turn right and at the 2nd
roundabout (immediately in front of Meadowhall), 
take the 3rd exit onto Meadowhall Way.
Proceed through 5 sets of traffic lights and you will see The Source building on
your right - turn immediately left and follow the signs for the Blue Car Park.
There is a pedestrian crossing leading directly across the road to The Source.


Leave Sheffield City Centre along the A61,
 leading onto the A6109 (M1 North) Brightside Lane.
Continue for approximately 21/2 miles.
Go straight on at the roundabout with Forgemasters on your right
at the 4th set of traffic lights, Meadowhall is signposted
but continue straight on, remaining on the A6109. 
You will pass Warner Village Cinema on the right 
proceed under a footbridge leading to the Passenger Transport Interchange.
You should now be in the right hand lane, ready to turn right after the
next set of traffic lights.
The right turn is sign posted Meadowhall
You will filter left after the 2nd set of traffic lights (signposted Meadowhall)
this is the ring road around Meadowhall and runs parallel to the viaduct (on your left).
You will see The Source building on your left,
turn right at the 3rd set of lights
follow the signs to the Blue Car Park, (turning right over the dual carriageway).
There is a pedestrian crossing leading directly across the road to The Source.


Please R.S.V.P to Alan Holland on 07789764350 
email him at
Or you can call The Seminar Team 
Sam Hawkes and Candice Meder 
01844 299 499
So we can send you a booking form and log any dietary requirements.

 We Look Forward To Seeing You!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

How To Contact Us?

GES Technology Ltd
Alexander House, Thame Road
Haddenham, Bucks, HP17 8BZ

Tel: 01844 299 499
Fax: 01844 299 488



What is Globalnet?

Globalnet is the reporting software for the economise system.  It can be used locally or as a 
web-based system, allowing you to monitor your data anytime, anywhere.

How it Works…

Globalnet is updated every five minutes to our FTP server which then sends the information to our data server. The application server is then updated so that you can view the results quickly and efficiently anywhere and at any time.

Key Benefits:

• Reports distributed monthly via email.
• User friendly.
• Reports can be exported into excel in one click.
• Visibility of multiple sites from a single location.
• Monitor by source and location.
• View hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/annually.
• Compare data up to 3 years back.
• On screen and email alarms of leaks.
• Web based software – can be accessed any time.
• Energy reports to help target and monitor consumption.

Order Codes

Globalnet software: xxx

What is Ecosense?

Ecosense is an intelligent temperature and humidity sensor. Available for internal, external or surface (temperature only), the dual sense allows you to monitor temperature and humidity indoor or out as well as providing a solution for weather proof data collection.
The sensor chirps at regular intervals, typically every five minutes (unless a different specification is requested) and sends the data to the RT:Wi5 data hub. This information is then sent directly to the server.

The Picture shows 3 options of the Ecosense sensor.

Order Codes

Internal: 383-017
External: 383-018
Surface: 383-019
Technical Data
Radio Frequency: 434.92MHz
Power Output: 5dBm
Operating Temperature:-10°C  to  +40 °C
Temperature accuracy:<0.3 °C
Resolution: 0.01 °C
Relative humidity accuracy:<3 % RH
Resolution: 0.01 % RH

Key Benefits and Features

• Chirps every 5 minutes.
• Wireless.
• Fully calibrated.
• Simply mount on wall.
• Lithium battery has up to 3 year battery life.
• Weather proof enclosure available.
• Mounting bracket available for external model.
• Internal and external models available.

What is Ecosafe?

Ecosafe transmitter is an ATEX approved pulse transmitter for use on ATEX meters such as Gas. ATEX is the name given to the framework for controlling potentially explosive atmospheres. Once installed, the ecosafe counts the pulses and transmits them at periodic intervals to the RTWi5 Data Concentrator or other Radio-Tech receiver. This can be done without the need for extra ATEX interfaces.

Key Benefits:

• Easy to install.
• Durable.
• Tamper alarm.
• Exclusive licensed channel.
• ATEX approved.

Picture Shows an Ecosafe Transmitter

Order Codes

434MHz: 383-001 
869MHz: 387-007
153MHz: 485-001
169MHz: 482-016


Frequency 434 MHz 896 MHz 153 MHz 169MHz
ATEX Rating Zone 0, Zone 2
ATEX Marking II 1G, EEx ai ICT 4II 1G, EEx ai IAT 3II 1G, 

Download Frequency 1min - 15min
Range (line of sight) 1-200m, 2km
Battery Life IP68 
Environmental Protection 10 years.
Operational Temperatures -10 to +40 
Modulation Wide Band FM, Narrow Band FM
Transmission Mode Burst 
Data Format Secure 
Dimensions 35x35x170mm, 57x35x170mm

What is Ecopure?

Ecopure is a water pulse transmitter. It is uniquely designed with a magnetic coupled antenna to give it an unrivalled range from underground water pits.Once installed the ecopure counts the pulses from the meter and uses the antenna system to transmit 
the data to the RT:Wi5 Data Concentrator. 

Picture is showing a single input tempsense.

Key Benefits:

• Magnetic coupled antenna.
• Up to 2km range.
• Licensed channel.
• Built-in signal strength indicator.
• Easy to install.
• Durable.
• Tamper alarm.

Order Codes

153MHz 485-014


Frequency 153MHz
Transmit Interval 15Min
Range (line of sight) 2km
Battery Life 10 years
Environmental Protection IP68
Operational Temperature -10 to +40
Modualation Narrow Band FM
Transmission Mode Burst
Data Format Secure
Dimensions 57x35x170mm
Weight 380g